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Travel Grants

Travel grants are given to assist tenured, tenure track, and clinical continuing faculty traveling to recognized conferences, workshops, and meetings of professional development or professional affiliations related to LMU’s teaching mission. The travel

  • must be directly related to or based on the applicant’s own teaching at LMU,
  • must be relevant for other instructors at LMU and beyond, and
  • have a clear and direct connection to the enhancement of teaching and learning by focusing on the teaching methods of collegiate or graduate level teaching (not disciplinary content) or on the scholarship of teaching and learning.
Travel for professional development in the use of a particular pedagogy that will be incorporated into or has been part of the applicant’s teaching, travel to present a paper related to the scholarship of teaching and learning at a conference focusing on college teaching, or travel to present a paper on pedagogy related to the applicant's own teaching at a disciplinary conference at the collegiate level are examples of travel. The venue attended has to have a clear relation and relevance for the instructor's teaching and pedagogical approach. If you are unsure whether a specific travel project may qualify, please do contact the CTE Director before applying.

Applicants are required to provide clear evidence for the direct relevance of the travel for their teaching; for instance, it is not sufficient to attend a conference that also features some teaching-related sessions. The application has to identify the sessions to be attended and convincingly demonstrate the relevance of such sessions for the applicant's courses at LMU. Attending conferences or sessions only to deepen or expand knowledge in a subject area, whether in one's own or another field, is not covered by this grant.

Through the travel grants, the Center for Teaching Excellence supports LMU faculty in the development and sharing of their commitment to excellent and scholarly teaching by engaging in dialogue with professionals outside of the University and bringing that dialogue back to campus.

Travel grants are awarded subject to available funds and in a competitive manner. The Committee on Excellence in Teaching reviews all grant applications. Additional application deadlines may be announced if additional funds are available, otherwise later applications will be considered on a rolling basis subject to the availability of funds. Previously rejected travel grant applications will not be reconsidered at a possible later time or deadline.

With the support of their Department Chair or Program Director, visiting faculty may apply for travel grants if there is
  • a close and clear connection between the travel purpose and their LMU teaching,
  • the travel is expected to have a significant positive impact on the faculty member's teaching in a key course in the departmental/program curriculum,
  • the lessons learnt and new teaching approaches plus material are shared with all departmental/program faculty and beyond (also via the CTE) in a systematic fashion,
  • similar development opportunities are not available at LMU, and
  • the faculty member will be teaching the relevant class(es) at LMU after the travel.

A visiting faculty travel grant application has to be accompanied by a letter from the Department Chair or Program Director making a strong case for the travel satisfying the aforementioned criteria; the relevant class(es), pedagogy, and teaching schedule need to be clearly identified. Upon submission, a copy of the application has to be CC’ed/forwarded to the respective Dean’s office. Generally, for competing travel grant applications that are judged to be comparable, priority will be given to tenure-line and clinical faculty applications.

Separate funds for part-time faculty travel to recognized teaching-related conferences and workshops are available - see HERE.



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summer travel (6/1-8/15)
deadline: 04/24/15





additional deadline 04/24/15



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How to find the Travel Expense Report. Please follow the Report/Reimbursement Instructions above carefully.

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