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Peer Observations

Peer Observations of Teaching

This page provides guidelines and forms for the peer observation process, both of summative and formative nature.

The documents below are part of the Teaching Toolkit developed by the Committee for the Comprehensive Evaluation of Teaching (CCET). Feedback and suggestions welcome - please send to

LMU Peer Observation Documents Resources

The LMU Peer Observation Documents above may not address all needs. The links below provide suggestions that may be helpful as alternative or additional resources for summative evaluations. As discussed in the Key Steps document above, it is important to pick an appropriate instrument for the peer observation that addresses the instructor's and the department's needs.
The list below also contains additional resources for formative assessment.

Selection of Other Peer Observation Forms Selection of Peer Observation Websites and Sources  Bibliography Please let us know at about any important missing resources or sources.

Last Update 4/23/2013

Please direct any questions and suggestions to