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Campus Resources for Teaching & Learning

Academic Resource Center (ARC)
Tutoring, Academic Advising, First-Generation Students, Learning and Study Strategies, Student Workers
Phone: 310.338.2847
Email: arc@lmu.edu

Textbooks, Course Packages, Digital Course Material, Computers, Clickers
Phone: 310.338.2889
Email: lmu@bkstr.com

Campus Ministry
Mass Schedule, Alternative Breaks, Interfaith Activities, Liturgical Ministry, Retreat Programs
Phone: 310.338.2860
Email: ministry@lmu.edu

Career Development Services
Career Counseling, Internship Resources, Graduate School Resources, Career Fairs
Phone: 310.338.2871
Email: careers@lmu.edu

Center for Service & Action (CSA)
Community-Based/Service Learning, Alternative Breaks, Service Opportunities
Phone: 310.338.2959
Email: csa@lmu.edu

Classroom Management
Maintenance of Classroom Technology, Reserve Equipment or Classroom Space, Classroom Standards
Phone: 310.338.7777, option 1
Email: classroom@lmu.edu

Cafeteria, Coffee Shops, Catering, Dining
Phone: 310.338.2977

Center for Ignatian Spirituality
Spiritual Exercises, Contemplativus Blog, Places of Peace, Spirituality Online, Spiritual Workshops
Phone: 310.258.8695
Email: ignacio@lmu.edu

Disability Support Services (DSS)
Documentation of Disabilities, Proctoring of Exams with Accommodations, Consultation Students of Concern
Phone: 310.338.4216
Email: dsslmu@lmu.edu

Events Scheduling
Event Guidelines & Resources, Reservations, University Events Calendar
Phone: 310.338.2878
Email: scheduling@lmu.edu

Certificate Programs, Center for Religion & Spirituality, Online Enrichment Courses, Yoga Studies
Phone: 310.338.1971
Email: extension@lmu.edu

Faculty Innovation Center (FIC)
Assistance Redesigning Courses with Technology, Multimedia Assistance, Workshops on Teaching with Technology
Phone: 310.338.5731
Email: TheFIC@lmu.edu

Financial Aid
Financial Aid Programs, Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Work Study, FASFA, Financial Aid Appeals
Phone: 310.338.2753
Email: finaid@lmu.edu

First-Year Experience
Transition Support for First-Year Students, Contact Point for First-Year Students of Concern
Phone: 310.338.5252
Email: FYE@lmu.edu

Hannon Library

Books, Journals, Electronic Reserves (ERes), LibGuides, Interlibrary Loan, Events
Phone: 310.338.2788
Email: library@lmu.edu

Human Resources
Contracts, Benefits, Harassment/Discrimination Officers, Employee Assistance, Education/Training
Phone: 310.338.2723
Email: hr@lmu.edu

Information Technology Services (ITS)
Academic Technology, Accounts & Passwords, Desktop Computing, Technology Training, MyLMU Issues
Phone: 310.338.7777
Email: helpdesk@lmu.edu

Judicial Affairs
Upholding Community Standards, Behavior Concerns, Student Codes & Policies, Drug & Alcohol Education
Phone: 310.338.1821
Email: JudicialAffairs@lmu.edu

Office for Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP)
Fellowship Submission, Responsible Conduct of Research, Institutional Profile, Subcontracting, ORSP Blog
Phone: 310.338.4599
Email: orsp@lmu.edu

Office of Assessment
Assessment Resources, Undergraduate Learning Goals & Outcomes, Assessment Workshops, University & Program Assessment Reports
Phone: 310.258.2628
Email: assessment@lmu.edu

Office of Faculty Affairs
Rains Research Assistance Program, University Chairs Resources, LMU Internal Grants, New Faculty Orientation
Phone: 310.258.5459
Email: ofd@lmu.edu

Office of International Students and Scholars
Immigration, Integration, Learning Support for International Students
Phone: 310.338.2937
Email: oiss@lmu.edu

Office of the Registrar
PROWL, FERPA, Bulletin, Academic Policies & Procedures, CAPP Reports, Transcripts, Transfer Agreements
Phone: 310.338.2740
Email: registrar@lmu.edu

OneCard Office
OneCard Accounts (Flexi, Lion Dollars, S-Dollars), OneCard Merchants, Door Access
Phone: 310.338.2735
Email: onecard@lmu.edu

Permits and Information on Parking
Phone: 310.338.1681
Email: parking@lmu.edu

Public Safety
Security and Unarmed Emergency Response, Key Access, Lost and Found, Emergency Preparedness
Phone: 310.338.2893
Email: dps-mgmt@lmu.edu

Student Health Services
Full-Service Medical Office
Phone: 310.338.2881
Email: LMUhealth@lmu.edu

Student Psychological Services (SPS)
Emergency and Non-Emergency Psychological Support and Wellness, Consultation re Students of Concern
Phone: 310.338.2868

Study Abroad
Information Sessions, Program List, Study Abroad Financial Aid, Faculty Policies & Responsibilities for Study Abroad Office Programming, LMU International Course Immersions
Phone: 310.338.1973
Email: studyabroad@lmu.edu

Surveys & Evaluation
Online Survey Administration Procedures, Qualtrics, Survey Design, Online Course Evaluation, Workshops
Phone: 310.568.6691
Email: surveys@lmu.edu

Transfer Programs
Programming, Services, Resources for Transfer Students
Phone: 310.258.4658
Email: transferprograms@lmu.edu

Undergraduate Research
Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Research opportunities, undergraduate Research Symposium
Phone: 310.258.2690
Email: undergraduate.research@lmu.edu

Veteran Programs
Navigation and Study Support for Veterans, Benefits and Aid
Phone: 424.568.8387
Email: veteranprograms@lmu.edu