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Event Recordings

These recordings from past CTE events and other events with CTE participation and support are provided as a courtesy for individual academic and research purposes only.

They may not be redistributed, repurposed, broadcast, or disseminated in any form without explicit written consent. For inquiries related to copyright, intellectual property, and other considerations, please contact us at


  • Teaching Critical Reading in the Digital Age, 8/12/2013 [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3]
  • Critical Reading as the First Stage in the Writing Process, 8/12/2013 [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4]
  • Integrating Quantitative Reasoning, 8/13/2013 [Video 1] [Video 2]
  • Core Course Learning Outcomes, 8/13/2013 [Video]
  • First-Year Seminar Course Design, 8/14/2013, [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3]
  • Asking the Right Questions: Best Practices for Designing Exams, 9/17/2013 [Video]
  • The How-To of International Course Immersions, 9/19/2013 [Video]
  • Class Presentations: Best Practices and Grading, 9/26/2013 [Video]
  • If Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus, where are Our Students from?, 10/1/2013 [Video]
  • Step-by-Step Survey Design: A Practical Guide to Designing Your Survey, 10/8/2013 [Video]
  • Internationalization at LMU: Supporting Our Growing International Student Body, 10/29/2013 [Video]
  • The Common Core State Standards: Why They Matter, 11/5/2013 [Video]
  • Physics First: Impact on SAT Math Scores (CREATE-STEM), 11/11/2013 [Video]
  • Inclusive Design for Learning: Building on Diverse Abilities in our Classes, 11/14/2013 [Video]
  • Jesuit Rhetorical History: Ministries of the Word and Mastery of the Word, 11/25/2013 [Video 1] [Video 2]
  • Eloquence for Everyone, 11/25/2013 [Video]
  • Student Self-Assessment and Reflection in a Learner Controlled Environment, 12/5/2013 [Video]
  • Writing Meaningful Student Learning Outcomes, 2/11/2014 [Video]
  • Decoding Writing, 2/19/2014 [Video]
  • Please Take My Survey! A Workshop on How to Get More People to Fill Out Your Survey, 3/11/2014 [Video]
  • Helping Students Learn Discipline-Specific Ways of Thinking and Practicing: Examples from Across the Disciplines, 3/13/2014 [Video]
  • Focusing on LMU's Undergraduate Learning Outcomes: Creative & Critical Thinking and Oral Communication, 3/25/2014 [Video]
  • LearnSmart™,  A Textbook-Bundled, Metacognitive Study Tool — Is it Really as Good As it Seems?, 3/27/2014 [Video]
  • The Creative Mind: Using Cognitive Science to Improve Understanding and Pedagogy of the Arts, 4/1/2014 [Video]
  • Teaching First-Year Students: Introducing Students to Academic Life and Expectations at College, 4/10/2014 [Video]

2012 - 2013

  • Teaching Writing Step by Step, 08/30/2012 [Video]
  • Incorporating Health Issues into Our Courses, 09/06/2012 [Video]
  • Kick start: Building Study Habits for Reflective Learning, 10/02/2012 [Video]
  • Engaged technology and experiential learning, 10/03/2012 [Video]
  • Games, Gamers, and the Classroom: Teaching with Video Games, 10/09/2012 [Video]
  • The PENS Project: Using Technology to Improve Problem-Solving Skills and Flip Classroom Learning, 10/22/2012 [Video]
  • Promoting Academic Integrity Tuesday, 10/23/2012 [Video]
  • Using Living and Learning Communities To Enrich Students' Intellectual and Personal College Experiences, 11/13/2012 [Video]
  • SERS: Constructing Value-Added Measures for Teacher Evaluation: What We Should and Shouldn't Worry About, 11/19/2012 [Video]
  • Predicting Teacher Evaluation Scores, 1/17/2013 [Video]
  • Standards-Based Grading, 1/22/2013 [Video]
  • Measuring Student Engagement in Online Classes, 1/31/2013 [Video]
  • Building a Toolkit for Supporting Metacognition in the Classroom: Lessons from Middle School Science Teachers, 2/5/2013 [Video]
  • Preparing Your Grant Proposal, 2/7/2013 [Video]
  • Strategies for Fostering Intellectual Virtues in the Classroom, 2/12/2013 [Video]
  • Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking, 2/19/2013 [Video]
  • Promoting Student Engagement in Online Classes Part I: Virtual Classes, 2/21/2013 [Video]
  • Structuring and Sequencing Writing Assignments, 3/25/2013 [Video]
  • Collaborating with Writing Instructors in a First-Year Seminar, 3/25/2013 [Video]
  • How Social Media, Memory Science, and Student Performance Metrics Are Shaping the Future of Learning, 4/15/2013 [Video 1][Video 2]
  • Hype, Hyperbole, and Hope: Finding a Signal in all of the MOOC Noise, 4/16/2013 [Video]
  • Incorporating the Library’s Information Literacy Tutorials in Your First Year Seminar Course, 4/18/2013 [Video]
  • SERS: Future Teachers’ Views of Mathematics and Intentions for Gender Equity, 4/22/2013 [Video]
  • On Becoming Contemplatives in Action: An interdisciplinary, immersive approach, 4/23/2013 [Video]
  • It Takes a Village: Embedding Information Literacy into the First-Year Experience, 4/29/2013 [Video]
  • Information Literacy in the Classroom: Tips and Tools, 4/29/2013 [Video]

2011 - 2012

  • SoTL Showcase Keynote: Sherry Linkon, 10/04/2011 [Video]
  • SoTL Showcase WS with Dr. Sherry Linkon, 10/05/2011 [Video]
  • Making Connections: Interdisciplinary Teaching at LMU" Panel Discussion, 10/06/2011 [Video]
  • Information Literacy in the Core Curriculum, 10/20/2011 [Video]
  • The Power and Effectiveness of Combining University and Community Knowledge, 10/27/2011 [Video]
  • Training Students to Become Strategic Thinkers: Research, Theory, and Applications, 11/29/2011 [Video]
  • Cultivating an Empowering Instructional Context: The Role of Self-Reflection and Process Feedback, 11/29/2011 [Video]
  • Stereotype Threat: An Examination of How Stereotypes Can Impede the Performance of Our Students, 01/17/2012 [Video]
  • QQSW: Words vs. Numbers: Dealing with Qualitative Data, 01/20/2012 [Video]
  • SERS: Why I Do Physics Education Research, 01/23/2012 [Video]
  • Creativity by Constraint, 02/07/2012 [Video]
  • Engaging Students through Reflection: Examples from LMU Classrooms, 02/09/2012 [Video]
  • Evidence to Action: Making Informed Changes to Improve Student Learning, 02/16/2012 [Video]
  • SERS: An Investigation of the Relationship of Mathematical Tasks and Interactional Sequences During Seatwork, 02/20/2012 [Video]
  • Framing Students' Cognitive "Job" through Classroom Instruction, 02/21/2012 [Video]
  • Please Take My Survey! A Workshop on How to Get More People to Fill Out Your Survey, 03/08/2012 [Video]
  • Mapping & Measuring: 1 Workshop, 2 Tools for Improving Learning, 03/15/2012 [Video]
  • Moderated Panel Discussion: Online Learning: The Future? 03/22/2012 [Video]
  • Get Students to Focus on Learning Instead of Grades: Metacognition is the Key, 03/27/2012 [Video]
  • Reducing the Effect of Stereotype Threat on Achievement: Classroom Interventions, 04/10/2012 [Video]
  • Conjuring the Desert: Risk and Reflection in the Classroom, 04/19/2012 [Video]
  • Beyond Math and Science: The Role of Applied Engineering and Information Technology Courses in the High School Curriculum, 04/23/2012 [Video]
  • Four-Unit Curriculum Discussion, 05/04/2012 [Video]
  • Teaching Reading Workshop, 05/09/2012, [Video 1] [Video 2]

Before Summer 2011

  • Rewarding Faculty Engagement as a Signature of Academic Excellence, KerryAnn O'Meara, University of Maryland, 2/25/2010. [Video
  • Inclusive Pedagogies - The Accidental Educator: Out of the Closet and Onto the Campus, Ronni Saldo, UCLA, 11/9/2009. [Video]
  • Facing History: The Art of Historical Redress by Use of the Iconic Image, Tony Gleaton, 10/19/2009. [Video
  • SoTL Workshop: Taking it to the Streets: Chemistry in Service of the Community, Dennis Jacobs, University of Notre Dame, 9/30/2009. [Video
  • SoTL Showcase Keynote: Uniting Heart and Mind: A Faculty Member's Explorations in Teaching, Dennis Jacobs, University of Notre Dame, 9/29/2009. [Video
  • Scoring Rubrics Made Simply, Laura Massa, 11/20/2008. [Video]
  • Nazmul Ula, 11/6/2008. [Video]
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching: Faculty Senate Committee Report, narrated by Jackie Dewar, Nov 2008. [Video
  • iTunesU and PodCasting, Matt Einolf, Todd Shoepe, Edmundo Litton, 10/28/2008. [Video]
  • Social Microblogging, Kathy Clemmer, Haejung Chung, 10/7/2008. [Video]
  • Three Ways to Improve Student Writing, K.J. Peters, 9/16/2008. [Video]
  • SoTL Showcase - Opening Celebration and Faculty Poster Session, 9/29/2008. [Video]
  • The Web 2.0 Roadshow Part I, David Greenfield, Dave Scozzaro, 9/16/2008. [Video]
  • The Web 2.0 Roadshow Part II, David Greenfield, Dave Scozzaro, 9/16/2008. [Video
  • A Global Simulation on Facebook, Veronique Flambard-Weisbart, Modern Languages and Literature, 10/8/2008. [Video]
  • Beginner's Guide to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Jackie Dewar, Spring 2008. [Video]
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Missing Statements, David Reichard, CalState, Monterey Bay, 9/25/2007. [Video]
  • Education for the 21st Century - A Scientific Approach to Teaching Science, Carl Wieman, Physics, University of Colorado-Boulder, Part I, 2007. [Video]
  • Education for the 21st Century - A Scientific Approach to Teaching Science, Carl Wieman, Physics, University of Colorado-Boulder, Part II, 2007. [Video
  • Service and Community-Based Learning Experiences: Aligning Learning, Faith, Justice, and Curriculum, Christine Cress, Portland State University. [Video]