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CTE Event Submission

We welcome all event suggestions that

  • challenge us to strive for excellence in teaching,
  • engage us in conversations about our teaching,
  • showcase outstanding teaching,
  • help us understand our students,
  • discuss research about our teaching,
  • expose us to theories and practices of learning,
  • introduce us to new teaching methods or technologies,
  • help us evaluate and assess all dimensions of teaching,
  • introduce us to funding opportunities for teaching and scholarship of teaching and learning,
  • ...

Please provide the information below about your proposed event at the Center for Teaching Excellence.
We are looking forward to discussing ideas for events and details of suggested events (

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Have you received funding for this work?
Would you be willing to have your presentation recorded and made available at LMU?
Will you be providing handouts for attendees?

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the Center for Teaching Excellence. You will be contacted by CTE staff to confirm your event and discuss details. Please contact CTE at or (310)338-5866 with any questions.