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Committee on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Teaching (CCET)

The Committee on Comprehensive Evaluation of Teaching (CCET) was appointed in February 2010 by the LMU Faculty Senate. In the fall of 2012, the CCET became a subcommittee of the Committee on Excellence in Teaching (CET). The CCET concluded its work in the spring of 2013 presenting the toolkit to the Senate on 4/25/2013.

CCET’s charge:
"This committee has been created to investigate, document, and assist with the development of tools for evaluating teaching beyond student evaluations. The committee will analyze different options, develop appropriate guidelines, and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding more comprehensive methods of evaluating teaching at LMU." -LMU Faculty Senate

Two guiding principles:

  1. A comprehensive evaluation of teaching will require multiple measures, because effective teaching involves multiple dimensions and any particular instrument has definite limitations. Attempting to evaluate teaching ability with a single measure does a disservice both to the university and the faculty member.
  2. The evaluation of teaching should take place for two purposes: (a) to provide information used to make decisions on retention and merit (i.e., for FSRs) and for applications for advancement to tenure or in rank (summative evaluation) and (b) to provide information that could be used to improve teaching at every stage of a faculty member’s career (formative evaluation).

These principles have provided the foundation Committee work. The CCET has focused on creating the first entries into a toolkit for the comprehensive evaluation of teaching, working on two main fronts: a syllabus checklist and resources for peer observation and evaluation.

Further information and resources can be found HERE.

Committee Minutes

Committee Reports

2009-2010      2010-2011      2011-2012     2012-13

Committee Members:

Jennifer Pate, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)
Economics, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

Kevin Wetmore, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)
Theatre Arts, College of Communication and Fine Arts

Wendy Binder, Ph.D.
Biology, Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Adam Fingerhut, Ph.D.
Psychology, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

Suzanne Larson, Ph.D.
Mathematics, Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Resource Persons:

Dorothea Herreiner, Ph.D.,
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Christine Chavez, M.A., 
Manager, Surveys and Evaluation 

Past Committee Members:

Nick Mattos, M.A. (Resource Person)
Administrative Coordinator, Center for Teaching Excellence

Jackie Dewar, Ph.D. (Resource Person)
Mathematics, Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Nicholas Ladany, Ph.D.
Educational Support Services, School of Education

Brian Leung, Ph.D.,
Educational Support Service, School of Education 

Maria Quijada, Ph.D.,
Management, College of Business Administration

Rachel Washburn, Ph.D.
Sociology, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts