Matthew Thompson ’16
School of Film and Television

Matthew Thompson’s sole complaint about life is that he only has one. Perhaps this is what drives Thompson to achieve so much. His films, both features and short films, and music videos, have been nominated every year of his college career for screening at the selective National Film Festival for Talented Youth. In 2012 his feature-length film Nightsights won the Jury Prize at that festival and gained him entrance into an exclusive three-week craft intensive, The Film School, in Seattle. It should come as no surprise that Thompson has known for much of his life he wanted to make movies. By fifteen he had already written his first feature, The Medallion of Man, which was distributed at the Ultra Star Cinemas in his hometown. Now, as a Film and Television Production major, Thompson continually refines his skills, producing film after film, including his latest project, a Spaghetti Western. In addition to winning the Cub Award at “Film Outside the Frame” for his direction of Love and Leo’s World, his work recently captured the attention of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, into which he was nominated for a short film. In addition to a demanding course load, Thompson is also actively involved in the Sigma Chi fraternity, a productive community that Thompson says provides him “eighty four windows into the world.” After al,l Thompson’s complaint about life can only be satisfied by having more than one, a dream he achieves through the imaginative storytelling that make his films so appealing.