David Stewart
College of Business Administration

“At the heart of any society, there’s the question of how does that society provide for itself?” David W. Stewart, President’s Professor of Marketing and Law at the College of Business Administration, has focused much of his research and work on exploring the intersection of markets and government, and how they interact and influence one another. From marketing strategy to marketing communications and addressing public policy concepts that relate to marketing, Stewart’s research highlights just how critical marketing is to the functioning of our society — especially when it comes to government. “We encourage people to stop smoking, drink responsibly and use seat belts — all of those things are done using a marketing approach,” he says. 

Stewart notes that it’s often easy for his students to recognize the power of marketing. “One of the nice things about teaching what I teach is that we’re all shoppers. It’s easy to engage students — everyone can relate,” he says, adding that it doesn’t take long for his students to understand just how much marketing impacts day-to-day existence. Stewart is the editor of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, and he was a previous editor of the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. He received the American Marketing Association’s Marketing and Society Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

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