Adriana Jaroszewicz
Adriana Jaroszewicz
School of Film & Television

Adriana Jaroszewicz’s animated film “The Looting,” winner of the 2014 Women’s Independent Film Festival for best animation, is not just a visual marvel – a bricolage of miniatures, photography and GC characters – it is also a devastating commentary on the mistreatment of women, the killing of conscience, and the dubious effect of detaching religion from moral conviction. The short film, which also took home the prize for best directing and best visuals in the animations category, is a dark comedy featuring a superstitious devotee-cum-looter at the time of the Mexican Revolution.

The success of “The Looter” follows on Jaroszewicz’s brilliant career in animation. The recently-promoted associate professor of Animation spent significant time as professor in residence at Side Effects Software, as well as Senior Digital Trainer at Sony Picture Image Works from 2005 to 2009, a post that allowed her to train animators, including lighters, compositors, riggers, and hair and clothing artists on facility pipeline tools. Jaroszewicz’s handiwork can be seen in Sony films from that time including “Ghost Rider,” “Superman Returns,” “Surf’s Up,” “Spiderman 3,” “I am Legend,” “Beowulf,” “Watchmen,” “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

In addition to teaching 2D and 3D computer graphics at LMU, Jaroszewicz plans to show “The Looting” at additional film festivals and will continue to work on her own vfx projects, including an upcoming partnership with conceptual artists Jean-François Podevin, whose exhibition “Composite Memories” was featured at the William H. Hannon Library from August through October of 2012.

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